Monday, January 10, 2011

A Long Ago Snow

 Most of the Tennessee Valley woke up to more than six inches of snow today! People were sledding, riding four wheelers or, like me, they stayed indoors. I found a picture of my Momma and her two sisters taken during a snow many years ago.  
I love their smiles. Notice my Aunt Martha is the only one wearing pants? No toboggans either, they're wearing scarves tied under their chins.
My Sweet Little Momma is the sister on the left. You would never know that she is expecting a baby, to be born in May.
I love these three women dearly.

I want to include this picture of my Sweet Little Momma. There's no snow in the picture, but she looks so beautiful in her coat.

I hope you're warm and safe on this snowy day in Appalachia!

See you soon,

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