Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Special Birthday Post for Our Son

Once upon a time, 34 years ago, a little boy was born. When his Momma kissed him for the first time she saw two big dimples appear in his cheeks. His Daddy reached for him when the nurse brought him to the waiting room because he could not wait to hold him.

His Daddy and Momma were very happy and loved the little boy very much. There were three of them and they were a family.

The little boy learned how to make faces. 

And to sit up straight in his chair.

The little boy's Daddy and the little boy's Momma loved him so much. He got all their love because he was their only little boy.  

The little boy grew older and he became a Boy Scout.  The little boy's Daddy and Momma went to every meeting with him.

 The little boy had a birthday. Every year he got a special cake.

The little boy loved animals and always had a pet.  

One year for Christmas he got a Karate Kid headband and a Three Stooges book.  Christmas was always exciting for the little boy and his Daddy and Momma. There were three of them, and they were a family. 

One day the little boy cut his hair. He took the scissors and cut a chunk of hair above his forehead. And then he put a bow on the cat's head. 

He rode his bicycle a lot and he was very good at it!!! His Daddy surprised him one year with a very special bicycle for his birthday.  

He liked to hang around with his Daddy and his Daddy liked to hang around with him. They were the Big Bud/Little Bud combo. 

He grew a green mustache and beard. 

And then the little boy had another birthday and another special cake!!!! 

And once he even wore a suit!!!! But just once!!

He went on lots of vacations with his family. 

And he was proud to be from Tennessee!

As he got older, he still liked hanging around his Daddy and Momma. There was just the three of them for a long time and he got all their love because he was their only little boy. 

And then one day the little boy, who wasn't a little boy anymore, but a young man, met a lovely young woman. They fell in love and got married. And the young man's Daddy and Momma were very happy for their young man and they loved the young woman very much too. 

And the young man and the young woman had a beautiful little girl. 

And less than a year later they had a handsome little boy. 
 The little boy who blessed his Daddy's and Momma's life 34 years ago is now a husband, a father and fine young man. He is loving, kind, big-hearted, funny, intelligent and thoughtful and his Daddy and Momma want him to know how much they love him.

Happy Birthday Son.

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